Refund Policy

Canadian Reporter Refund Policy

Sorry, Canadian Reporter does not offer refunds. All subscriptions, whether print or on-line, are non-refundable. All pre-paid classified or business directories ads are non-refundable.

However, credit will be given to clients of Canadian Reporter: whose prepaid classified ad, banner or business ad, wasn’t running for it’s full pre-paid length, in case of any web hosting technical interruptions. For such accounts credit will be used for future advertising.

No Refunds will be made for prepaid published ads that were cancelled by advertiser after the scheduled deadline date.

Canadian Reporter: does not accept any ads with "mature" content, or ads concerning adoption information. We will not publish ads related to tobacco or alcohol industry. We do not publish business opportunity ads that claim specific income or that requires payment for information. Those ads will not be publish unless publisher will made necessary changes and resubmit it to Technical Support Department.